Today is “Purseday”

There are so many cute crochet purse patterns I wouldn’t know where to begin! I found a lovely one here

I made mine a little different

It was easy to do, the only annoying part for me was sewing the fabric on the inside and joining the hexagons (phew!). I also added two motifs from here

Another purse I made was from a youtube pattern

I really love this! Mine turned out something like that:

I also created a very simple one, this time knitted flat in garter stitch, then folded to create the flap, added a knitted flower, button, beaded strap, and fabric on the inside and that was it.

That’s it for my “Purseday”, hope you enjoyed it 🙂


Basketweave stitch scarf and crossbody bag

At first when I tried to crochet basketweave stitch it seemed really complicated. I’m a visual learner so it’s best for me to follow a video and I learn pretty easy. God forbid for me to see the pattern written down, I get dizzy trying to figure it out 😀 After I got the hang of it I couldn’t make up my mind what to do with it, then I remembered that my husband asked me to crochet something for him and voilà: a scarf was the pretty obvious choice, so I did.

Tiberius Scarf

I really liked how it turned out so I thought why don’t I make something for me too? So I created this pretty simple bag. If yo want to make one for yourselves  you’ll find a lot of resources on the internet for basketweave stitch both video and written. The rest is a piece of cake, choose the width and the length of the piece, work it flat until you reach the desired size, fold it to make a flap, attach a button and a strap and embellish the flap with flowers of your choice. It’s best to put some fabric inside for sturdiness. Easy peasy, right?

For the love of freebies

It’s time for a little freebie, don’t you think? It is a very cute simple knitted pattern that I’ve created and I hope you will find useful. If you find mistakes or something wrong, please, let me know. Feel free to comment and give me some feedback if you try it 🙂 Enjoy!

Knitted Smartphone Cover