Baby, it’s cold outside :)

It’s (almost) that time of the year, you can feel it in the air 🙂 I love the smell of winter, don’ t you?

It makes me listen to Christmas songs, light up the chimney and knit or crochet something warm. Hmmm,  that is exactly what I did 🙂 I made with all my love 2 precious gifts for two of my special boys :

Don’t you love it when it snows? 😀

I used again the basketweave stitch because I love it and it seems to fit very well for boy garments. An easy project for a special gift 🙂
This is the song that I always listen when it’s that time of  the year, hope you enjoy it 🙂


Diagonal rib hat and scarf

Before I started crocheting I made lots of knitted projects, big or small. One  of those projects was this nice hat that I made as a gift several times along with a matching scarf. I really like the texture of the diagonal rib although I was bored already making the scarf because of the length and  the repetitive pattern. All in all, it is a very fun project to knit as a gift for a family member especially now as the winter is approaching fast.

I omitted the hat border from the original pattern and worked only diagonal rib. The scarf it is easy to make, you choose how long and wide it is, work the pattern and add fringe at the end if you want. I am sure that someone dear to you will be happy to receive such a nice gift 🙂

Diagonal rib stitch:

multiple of 4

R1: *K2P2, repeat from* to end of row

R2: Repeat row 1

R3: K1, *P2K2, repeat from *, end with P2K1

R4: P1, *K2P2, repeat from *, end K2P1

R5: *P2K2, repeat from * to end of row

R6: Repeat row 5

R7: Repeat row 4

R8: Repeat row 3.

For pattern repeat rows 1-8.

Basketweave stitch scarf and crossbody bag

At first when I tried to crochet basketweave stitch it seemed really complicated. I’m a visual learner so it’s best for me to follow a video and I learn pretty easy. God forbid for me to see the pattern written down, I get dizzy trying to figure it out 😀 After I got the hang of it I couldn’t make up my mind what to do with it, then I remembered that my husband asked me to crochet something for him and voilà: a scarf was the pretty obvious choice, so I did.

Tiberius Scarf

I really liked how it turned out so I thought why don’t I make something for me too? So I created this pretty simple bag. If yo want to make one for yourselves  you’ll find a lot of resources on the internet for basketweave stitch both video and written. The rest is a piece of cake, choose the width and the length of the piece, work it flat until you reach the desired size, fold it to make a flap, attach a button and a strap and embellish the flap with flowers of your choice. It’s best to put some fabric inside for sturdiness. Easy peasy, right?