Butterfly Stitch fever

I found a couple of weeks ago on YouTube a cute slouch hat pattern from a lovely lady, Meladora,  and I had to make 2 for myself 🙂 You can also find the pattern here. She has many wonderful patterns, beautiful bags and hats with free tutorials, you might want to check it out.

I also made a poncho (my creation) using the butterfly stitch. I did two long pieces worked in butterfly stitch, chained 121, crochet hook 5 mm, medium worsted weight yarn.

R1: Sc

R2: Begin Butterfly stitch patt. When starting row 2, insert the hook in the last Sc from previous row, not like you usually do in the next stitch from the beginning. I hope I’m not confusing you 😀

Work for about 90 cm or how long you want the poncho,  join the two pieces (on the WS) at their narrower sides, and then try it on and see where you want it to fall off the shoulder, mark the place and then join  working slip stitches on the wrong side until you reach the point where you want your forearm to pop out so it can move freely without having the poncho in the way.

You might want to use a lighter yarn because it gets a little heavy given the fact that most of the poncho falls on the side of your body. That’s it and this is how they look like. Thank you, Meladora for your wonderful patterns!

Butterfly Stitch hat abd poncho2 Butterfly stitch hat and poncho1 Meladora's Butterfly stitch slouch hat2 Meladora's Butterfly stitch slouch hat3 Meladora's Butterfly stitch slouch hat4 Meladora's Butterfly stitch slouch hat5


Chain, chain, chain

I found myself inspired to do a chain stitch poncho one day as I was browsing through various pictures of fashion crochet clothing and I came up with this simple, warm, fun to work poncho. I made it  from two separate long pieces joined at the top where I left a space for the head. I also added, as you can see, a big crochet rose and that was it.  I like to wear it off the shoulder over tank tops or long sleeve blouses. Who’s cold, now, huh? 😀

Chain stitch poncho

I love music and the instant I imagined this project a song came to my mind. I’ll share it with you, enjoy.

Sleepless in Sibiu

I seem to have no sleep so I thought I’d better post something 😀 How about two ponchos that I made not so long ago? I used as an inspiration a baby poncho pattern from Lion Brand Yarn website that for the love of God I couldn’t do :))) Sooo, I’ve changed it and ta da 🙂 Hope you like them. I will to post some free patterns from time to time, just to give back something because I want to thank every person that put out there free stuff for everybody to learn and be inspired.