Baby, it’s cold outside :)

It’s (almost) that time of the year, you can feel it in the air 🙂 I love the smell of winter, don’ t you?

It makes me listen to Christmas songs, light up the chimney and knit or crochet something warm. Hmmm,  that is exactly what I did 🙂 I made with all my love 2 precious gifts for two of my special boys :

Don’t you love it when it snows? 😀

I used again the basketweave stitch because I love it and it seems to fit very well for boy garments. An easy project for a special gift 🙂
This is the song that I always listen when it’s that time of  the year, hope you enjoy it 🙂


Chain, chain, chain

I found myself inspired to do a chain stitch poncho one day as I was browsing through various pictures of fashion crochet clothing and I came up with this simple, warm, fun to work poncho. I made it  from two separate long pieces joined at the top where I left a space for the head. I also added, as you can see, a big crochet rose and that was it.  I like to wear it off the shoulder over tank tops or long sleeve blouses. Who’s cold, now, huh? 😀

Chain stitch poncho

I love music and the instant I imagined this project a song came to my mind. I’ll share it with you, enjoy.