Happy New Year and lots of stitching :)

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you’ll have an amazing year, God bless you 🙂



Pet love and tomatoes

At my parents house there’s a lot of love. Especially when it comes to four-legged creatures.

“The dog” a.k.a Tasha, is a mix of something with something (!) that we adopted after she retired from public service (search and rescue). My sister Ali was her handler. She is sweet and kind and loves to bark and go for walks. We are not really sure how old is she because she is from a dog shelter.


Now, the really fun part of the family are the cats, little monsters in disguise. After a few years of owning cats I realized that they own us not the other way around 😀

Cat number 1, a.k.a Felix (yeah, I know, Felix the cat.  Really?)

Felix the cat

How cute is that? Cat no.2, Congo, son of Felix. Cat no.3, Piticu (the Romanian name for “The midget”). It got its name because it was really small and still is.

Congo and Piticu

Practically, they “force” us to love them, right, right?

You probably wonder by now what’s with the tomatoes? There you go 🙂

“to-may-to, to-mah-to”

I took this picture in the garden, I thought it was cool. They taste amazing, full of flavor and juice.

This has nothing to do with crochet, but the next photo does:

It’s a little twine rug that I’ve made and if you ask me how, I have no idea! I used some Sc and Hdc and that’s about it! I hope you enjoyed these little snippets from my life.